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Birds and Butterflies Bookmarks

We are pleased to offer a selection of bookmarks with birds and butterfly motifs.  If you would like to receive some of these beautiful bookmarks in good time and without waiting for an order from Bangladesh, order one of these sets of 10 bookmarks, which I have in stock in my California office, and I will send them directly to you.  If you prefer to order certain bookmarks or would like to order many of one kind, you can click on any of the buttons below, and they will be sent as soon as possible from the Bangladesh office.  This may take 6-8 weeks, but we have had no trouble getting them eventually. 

Choose this button to get 10 Birds and Butterflies Bookmarks, some with greetings and some with no words on them. I will choose which ones from my stock, thank you.


10 Birds and Butterflies Bookmarks, some with words, others without words  $33.00

Buy a sample to see how you like Pollywog's work. I will pick from my stash here in the U.S. and you will receive it quickly. Misc. Bookmark: $3.00, Misc. Greeting Card: $3.50.

Bookmark  $3.00
Greeting Card $3.50


Butterfly Blue or Aqua

BK38B (blue) 

BK38A (aqua)

Exotic little butterflies float on their flower branch.  Choose either blue or agua butterflies.

Price: $3.25



Choose Text

Little sparrow sings his praises.  Choose which words you want to have on your bookmarks.

Price: $2.75

3 Butterflies



Three butterflies show their beauty on this bookmark. 

Price: $3.25

Birds/Rejoice in the Lord


A group of songbirds is all you need to remind you of the goodness of the Lord.

Price: $2.75

Scissor tailed bird



This little beauty reminds me of the tropical climes where we used to live.

Price: $2.75

Nest/ Make a joyful noise unto God



A whole nest full of baby birds sing out their joyful noises!

Note: We do not put the lace border around the bookmarks anymore.

Price: $3.75

Birds/ Wedding Anniversary


What a nice way to say "Happy Wedding Anniversary"!

Price: $3.25

Yellow birds/greetings


Choose Place name
Put in another Place name

This bookmark comes without words in the group price.

Price: $3.75

Come, let us sing...


"Come let us sing to the Lord.  Ps.95:1"

Price: $3.75

Yellow butterfly/carnation



This butterly is giving a special birthday greeting.

Note: We do not put the lace border around the bookmarks anymore.This bookmark comes with no words in the group pricing.

Price: $2.75

Delight Thyself Also...


Choose Color

This happy bird in the fountain comes in either green or pink.

Price: $3.25